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Rosenberg & Associates, Inc. will work with you and your team to find the perfect fit for your trial presentation.

Our experienced team of graphic demonstrative experts, trial support technicians and trial project managers will work with you to present your case in the most effective, cost-friendly and concise manner possible.

  • Comprehensive Trial Consultation – Whether your case is a one-day arbitration, a settlement conference, or a two-month trial with a war room setup, our team of trial consultants will provide you with most cost-effective means of presenting your case.
  • Multimedia Trial Setup and Presentation–High pressure demands in the courtroom can cripple the success of the plaintiff or defendant’s case without the right choice of trial presenters and technology. Rosenberg & Associates, Inc. has been the ‘right choice’ for the last ten years, taking the jury through a case using the latest technology and by creating a compelling story.

    From highlighting testimony and presenting an excerpt, producing a video clip of an indecisive witness, or displaying a photograph of the victim’s vehicle, we will effectively layout, orchestrate and control your presentation with the most advanced trial technology. As a result of our seamless presentation methods, your case will be communicated effectively and precisely, and will have your adversary speechless.

  • Power Point Presentation - When your presentation requires a more canned approach, we can create a Power Point presentation to enhance your oral presentation and to keep the jury focused on what you are presenting.
  • Custom Demonstrative Evidence – As part of our trial division, our in-house demonstrative team will assist with your electronic graphic presentation and demonstrative foamcore boards. Utilizing color, shapes and visual legal techniques, our graphics team will take complex evidence and encapsulate and reduce it to an easy- to-understand graphic.
  • Mock Jury Trials and Focus Groups – Mock Jury Trials and Focus Groups can save thousands of dollars and valuable time during your litigation. We understand the importance of the reactions of the jury to key witness’ testimony and how the jury will interpret your case. When your case warrants it, we will strategize and implement this ‘dress rehearsal’ providing your trial team with a mock jury and focus groups to enable you to be more effective in executing your case.
  • Equipment Rental and Training – When your litigation may not warrant the cost of a trial presenter, we provide training and rental of courtroom presentation equipment.

    Our state-of-the-art presentation equipment is owned by us and maintained by our in-house staff. No matter what your objective is, we will train your team on the latest trial programs for visual presentation, as well as train you to operate the presentation equipment.

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