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You're at an important deposition. You have your laptop ready and are hooked up to the court reporter for a realtime feed. The deposition begins. Your realtime feed is not working and the court reporter is not familiar with the problem. Uh-oh, you now have no realtime feed for your deposition.

If you have been in this situation before or are a new user of realtime, our Certified LiveNote Reporters (CLRs) are here and ready to assist you.  Utilizing the latest technology, including wireless connections, it has never been easier to connect and have instant access to your deposition.

Our technical expertise and vigorous training allows us to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and efficiently -- before the deposition begins.   When you schedule your realtime deposition with Rosenberg & Associates, Inc., your Certified LiveNote Court Reporter will provide the proper connections and tokens to make sure your realtime deposition experience is seamless.


When it is virtually impossible to be there, we offer LiveNote internet access from anywhere you have an internet connection. With this service, you can view a live deposition from your home or office, and with the latest version, you not only view the deposition in realtime, but also have access to the video and audio. With its built-in instant messaging feature, your team can collaborate and strategize without being in the same room, state or country.

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