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Video preserves important moments in time and is a major tool in keeping the jury focused. It captures the witness' body language and displays inaccuracies in the witness' testimony.

Videotaped depositions can play a significant role in the outcome of a trial and are effectively used to control and manage the deposition process.

Rosenberg & Associates, Inc. boasts a full-service, in-house, certified legal videography department. Our use of the most advanced digital equipment, two-camera shoots, hi-tech editing and duplication tools as well as the latest software ensure quality with each and every job.

Our video specialists are experts in editing testimony and will provide your video deposition on VHS, CD-ROM or DVD.

Need video clips made for trial? ...or a clip attached to your electronic brief?

We automatically sync your video in MPEG2 with the text of the transcript and provide you with either a self-executable file (no additional software needed) OR a format that can be loaded into your specific presentation software.

In addition, we can create video clips for your multimedia presentations or your electronic brief -- giving you an edge in your court presentations and preserving the videotape deposition for impeachment.

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