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Your client has discovery in electronic format

Your adversary has just given you a CD of documents in native format.

What do you do?

How will you produce it?

Where is the information and can it be retrieved?

These questions relate to the evolution of what is now being referred to as:

Electronic Data Discovery or
Collection of Metadata

The term metadata is currently used day in and day out in all types of litigation. No matter the case content or the size of the case, metadata is being extracted and used in the discovery process.

Rosenberg & Associates, Inc. provides outstanding support and processing services both for paper and electronic evidence.   Leading the market in cost-effective solutions, we assist you by processing large amounts of data using the latest tools and technology to handle even the most demanding projects in the most cost-effective way.

Whether you require full TIFF conversion with metadata and text extraction, forensic investigation or compliance support, keyword or data searches and de-duping, our team of seasoned,  EDD experts can take that information and create an organized, custom database with native file hyperlinks and the ability to import that data into the most popular litigation support packages such as Concordance and CT Summation.

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