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Rosenberg & Associates, Inc. can provide your brief in electronic format.

We will take all of your documents and convert it to an electronic brief (eBrief) on CD or DVD. By hyperlinking key case law, exhibits, graphics, and video, you will be able to locate evidence in seconds. As more briefs are filed with hyperlinking technology, judges are becoming more familiar and are requesting briefs to be filed in electronic format. eBriefs with hyperlinking technology are easier to read and carry.

Using an ebrief is an exciting way to focus the judge’s attention on arguments & supporting facts without the hassle of locating it.

This approach of ‘moving beyond paper’ allows the judge to view the demeanor of an expert as opposed to simply reading transcript testimony. It eliminates the need of searching through boxes of evidence to find an exhibit. With an eBrief, you click on the hyperlink and the evidence appears instantly.

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