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Rosenberg & Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive document solutions for all types of litigation. Whether you require off-site or on-site document production, we can accommodate your request and meet your expedited or same-day deadlines.

  • Large-Scale Litigation Copying – We provide you with the exact number of copy sets needed for distribution to co-counsel and your adversary.

    Oversize Copying includes Blueprints, Maps, Large Calendars, etc.
  • Document Scanning – Documents are imaged and provided in the database of your choice
  • Document Coding – Our coding staff will read each document and extract the information required We can provide you with both objective and subjective coding tailored specifically to your litigation
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - To review and search your scanned images, we will OCR your documents and convert it into searchable text
  • Bates Labeling - We will provide you with consecutive numbering of your documents to quickly identify key documents in your database
  • On-Site Copying Management – When documents cannot be removed from a particular location, our team will provide scanning and copying on-site
  • Document Binding and Tab Creation – All types of binding available as well as custom exhibit tabs
  • Free Pick-Up and Delivery

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