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AD Summation is about putting you in a position to win. They are about giving litigators the most innovative tools and support needed to gain control over every piece of critical data related to your case.

With so much disparate and fragmented information revolving around so many cases, key evidence can slip through the cracks leaving you and your clients vulnerable.  AD Summation’s solutions make managing the often complex and voluminous patchwork of information simpler and more accessible—helping your team work smarter and more efficiently.

AD Summation pioneered integrated litigation support software in 1988, with ongoing input from legal professionals who understand the many facets of litigation. As a result, their software solutions include built-in safeguards that help prevent problems such as violation of attorney-client privilege.

Today, AD Summation is trusted by more than 50,000 litigation professionals worldwide.

The certified AD Summation Trainers at Rosenberg & Associates, Inc. will customize your training to your firm’s practice area and our resellers will provide you with the knowledge base of what product line of AD Summation will fit your firm’s technological infrastructure and litigation support approach. CALL FOR A DEMONSTRATION TODAY.

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